30 March 2006

Poetry after Brecht

New Book
O CHICAGO! O WIDERSPRUCH! Hundert Gedichte auf Brecht
eds. Karen Leeder und Erdmut Wizisla (Transit Verlag, 2006)

Many major writers, from Brecht's own era to the present day, have written about him or to him - and have done so, above all, in lyric form. The editors of this anthology, experts in both Brecht's work and the literature of the twentieth century, have selected poems by a cross-section of poets - from Paul Celan and Kurt Tucholsky, to Robert Gernhardt, Heiner Müller and Volker Braun. They have also commissioned poems to Brecht from contemporary poets such as Durs Grünbein, Ulrike Draesner, Bert Papenfuß, Günter Kunert and Friederike Mayröcker.