01 July 2005

Publishers of contemporary German poetry

Druckhaus Galrev A small Berlin-Prenzlauer-Berg publisher, whose name is Verlag backwards; produces attractive editions with art, the unique anthology Abriss der Ariadnefabrik, and poetry by Bert Papenfuß (e.g. mors ex nihilo with art by Jörg Immendorf), Elke Erb, Thomas Böhme, Sascha Anderson and Frank-Wolf Matthies.

Lyrikedition 2000 Munich-based series publishing new collections by, for instance, Wilhelm Bartsch, and new editions of otherwise out-of-print collections by Kathrin Schmidt and Heinz Czechowski.

burgart-presse A small Rudolstadt publisher of poetry with art, stunning Künstlerbücher; poets include Harald Gerlach, Annerose Kirchner, Heinz Czechowski and Michael Wüstefeld.

Hanser Major literary publisher, including poetry hardbacks by, for instance, Raoul Schrott and Günter Kunert.

Fischer Wolfgang Hilbig and Hilde Domin’s poetry collections, as well as the Jahrbuch der Lyrik are published by this big publisher.

Suhrkamp Massive Frankfurt publisher, no art, CDs with hardbacks, ubiquitous but perfunctory paperbacks; poets include Durs Grünbein, Barbara Köhler, Marcel Beyer, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Albert Ostermaier, Kurt Drawert, Volker Braun.

Mitteldeutscher Verlag (mdv) Not really a poetry publisher, mdv has nonetheless published poets such as Volker Braun and Kerstin Hensel.

Aufbau Focuses on non-poetry mainly as regards new literature but has published poetry by Heinz Kahlau and Eva Strittmatter.