07 October 2013

Das Gedicht chapbook

This month the Munich-based poetry magazine "Das Gedicht" is releasing an English-language chapbook of contemporary poetry from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in translation, called "German Poetry Now". So, what is a chapbook exactly? Historically, a chapman was a travelling pedlar and the chapbooks were cheap, popular pamphlets of ballads and tales, based on woodcuts. Today, contemporary chapbooks are predominantly paperback collections of poetry with small print runs, bound more like a magazine than a book, by little independent regional publishers. They tend not to be available in any other format, or as a download, in the way that books are, and are often linked to performance or poetry slams.

19 September 2013

Poetry Research Network

The Poetry Research Network, set up at the end of 2011, focusses on modern and contemporary poetry from throughout the cultures of the world. Its aim is to reach a fuller understanding of the forms of poetic practice.

In developing critical tools appropriate to the genre, the network represents a site where practice meets theoretical thinking. Drawing on academic expertise, we are reaching out to national and international poets through a series of workshops. Poets of differing outlooks have been invited to present their work and to participate in our poetry translation workshops.

We have brought international poetry scholars to Wales, in order that researchers and students come into contact with the latest poetry and the latest approaches to long-standing poetry.

The Poetry Research Network particularly welcomes researchers from abroad and those working in languages other than English, as well as specialists in the translation of poetry and in the interactions between poetry and music, poetry and visual art, and poetry and theatre.

Poetry has always found itself in touch with its outside – with other languages, with other semiotic systems, including the visual arts, performing arts and music, as well as politics and history. These are particular areas for the development of our research and our research-led events.

Theme for 2011-12: Hamlet and Poetry. The network’s inaugural event was the conference "Hamlet and Poetry" held at Atrium in Cardiff. Selected papers from the event were published as a special themed issue of the open-access journal New Readings.
Theme for 2012-13: Poetry under Pressure. We invited researchers and poets to Cardiff to participate in readings, talks and workshops which took place at public venues across the city in May 2012. The theme of poetry under pressure was variously interpreted – as pressure from a government cultural policy or pressure from a dominant discourse, for example – and provided the framework for a series of encounters between German poets, Welsh poets, translators, researchers and the public.
Theme for 2013-14: Dylan Thomas. 2014 is the centenary of Dylan Thomas’s birth and as such an opportunity to re-assess the significance of his work. Following an AHRC-sponsored presentation to BBC Wales on "the German Dylan Thomas", we are planning a series of events particularly focussing on the cultural mobility of Dylan Thomas’s poetry and its impact in languages other than English.