26 October 2014

Radio 4: Cold War Poet

For the next four weeks, "Dylan Thomas: Cold War Poet" is a 30-minute radio programme available on iPlayer to listen to again, after it was broadcast for the first and second time today. Apart from me talking about German poetry in East and West and Thomas's reception and significance on both sides of divided Germany during the Cold War, there are three German poets talking about their ideas of Thomas: Michael Augustin, Richard Pietraß and Uwe Kolbe. The original concept, the research and the interviewees were all supplied by the Poetry Research Network. We got to talk about writing poetry in the GDR, the Poesiealbum poetry magazine, and German-English translation. Cut-outs and the ownership of ideas aside, I think it turned out fairly well, fairly coherent! Thanks to Gareth the producer for an interesting collaboration.