25 April 2005


The poetry collections
(all Frankfurt a.M.: Suhrkamp unless otherwise stated)

Den teuren Toten: 33 Epitaphe. 1994.
Erklärte Nacht: Gedichte. 2002.
Falten und Fallen: Gedichte. 1994.
Ghettohochzeit. Berlin, 1988.
Grauzone morgens: Gedichte. 1988.
Nach den Satiren: Gedichte. 1999.
Porzellan: Poem vom Untergang meiner Stadt. 2005.
Schädelbasislektion: Gedichte. 1995.
Von der üblen Seite. 1994.

Articles and chapters by Ruth J. Owen on aspects of Grünbein’s poetry

A general introduction, examination of Wende themes, poetology and Grünbein’s place amongst other ex-GDR poets, and an extensive bibliography:
‘Chapter 6: Durs Grünbein’, in The Poet’s Role: Lyric Responses to German Unification by Poets from the GDR (Amsterdam and New York: Editions Rodopi, 2001) Info

On Grünbein’s Berlin poems:
‘Germania im Bunker: German Urban Landscapes in Contemporary Poetry’, in Cityscapes and Countryside in Contemporary German Literature, eds. Julian Preece and Osman Durrani (2004), pp.29-44 Info

On Grünbein’s Dresden poems:
‘Eine im Feuer versunkene Stadt: Dresden in Poetry’, Gegenwartsliteratur 1 (2002), ed. Paul Michael Lützeler, 87-106 Info

On Grünbein’s scientific themes:
‘Science in Contemporary Poetry: A Point of Comparison between Raoul Schrott and Durs Grünbein’, German Life and Letters 54 (2001), 82-96 Info

On Grünbein as a poet of the Wende:
‘wenn ein staat ins gras beißt, singen die dichter: The Wende in Poetry’, in Memory Traces: 1989 and the Question of German Cultural Identity, ed. Silke Arnold-de Simine (2005)

See also Comments from Grünbein and Europe after the rain