07 January 2006

Women and Death: Oxford Colloquium

5-8 January 2006, Trinity College, Oxford
Hosted by Prof Helen Watanabe and Prof Sarah Colvin

Pamela Sue Anderson on Death and/as Woman in Philosophy
Jane Tibbetts Schulenburg on Medieveal Women Saints
Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood on Iphigeneia in Ancient Greece
Anna Linton on Iphigeneia and Jephthah's Daughter in Literature
Gesa Dane on Loss of Honour as a cause of death
Nicholas Saul on Women suicides from Lucinde to Wally
Ruth J. Owen on Ophelia Poems
Jürgen Barkhoff on Vampires in Hoffmann
Ben Morgan on Zombies in Jelinek
Stefanie Knöll on Death and the Maiden in art
Uta Kornmeier on Waxworks
Anna Richards on Grief and gender in the 18th century
Gisela Ecker on Requiems by Kaschnitz and Mayröcker

This colloquium is part of an ongoing AHRB project on Representations of Women and Death in German Literature and Art after 1500