18 May 2005

100 words on a poem: No.1

Michael Wüstefeld’s poem ‘The great wave’ was published in Wende-Germany in 1990, written in the GDR in 1987, and is a response to a picture made in the USA in 1967, namely Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art poster ‘The great wave’. By absenting all punctuation from his text and privileging watery sibilants, Wüstefeld evokes the subject of Lichtenstein’s picture. But he is also interested in the creation of the original image by the screen-printing process. And in the ‘KulturKreis’, the circulation of cultural objects, which allows the picture to be passed on and on, and into his poem.

See Michael Wüstefeld, Stadtplan: Gedichte (Berlin and Weimar: Aufbau, 1990).